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May 2014 - Solano Community College


John Zeltin was named alumni of the year by Solano Community College.   

 "Since 2013,   John has served on the Board of the Solano Community  College Educational Foundation.  The college serves 16,000 students on  three campuses in Northern California.  We have made significant  progress in expanding the scope of the foundation and John has been of  great help to me in providing advice on strategy, fund raising and  organizational issues.   In 2014 we honored him as Alumni of the Year in  recognition of his work in setting up scholarships for students from  low income families.  I plan to use his program as a model for the  future as we move to expand our efforts to provide financial aid to  students in need."

Curt Johnston

Executive Director

Solano Community College Educational Foundation

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July 2013 - Red Diamond Congress, Chicago

 As a faculty member of the Exhibitors and Event Marketers Association, Mr. Zeltin conducted a course on Sponsorships for event professionals working towards their CME (Certified Manager of Exhibits) designation.

 At the same Congress, John also gave a presentation on How to Develop an Effective Off-Site Event Strategy.

The PowerPoint slides for these presentations can be downloaded by selecting the corresponding links above. 

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