Event Marketing, Trade Shows and Sponsorships

Developing Your Event Strategy


Do you Have an Event Strategy in Place?

Are you getting the most out of your Trade shows,  Events and Sponsorships?


Companies use events, trade shows and sponsorships to generate leads  for new business, build relationships and generate market visibility.   These are all critical to the success of a business.  Not-for-profits  use conferences,  trade shows and sponsorships as important revenue  generators. Having a strategy and well thought-out plan is critical to a  successful result.  It also guides investment decisions  and provides the basis for measuring results.   

The  Zeltin Consulting Group was founded to provide strategic guidance to  companies and non-profit organizations on event marketing, trade shows  and sponsorships.  Many organizations do not have the internal resources  available to them or just want a fresh look at their programs to ensure  they are aligned with business objectives and maximizing investment  return.